• Many people have no idea what tree surgery means. Is it simply another fancy term for something that’s really just about lopping branches or pruning trees? Is it just better and cheaper to hire the neighborhood teenager to simply climb up the tree and raise the canopy to remove dead branches? Well, the answer to that is: How comfortable are you with asking an absolute amateur to carry out brain surgery? Exactly. There’s a reason why your neighborhood’s Greenwich tree care arborists, who carry out tree surgeries, are called by that name.

    Here are a few jobs that are usually done by tree surgeons:

    • Canopy raising refers to the process of removing low-hanging branches and limbs for allowing more sunlight to pass, enhancing its aesthetic beauty, encouraging growth, or providing headroom. These limbs need to be removed properly. Proper measures need to be taken for ensuring that the stump heals without a problem, which will ensure that the tree isn’t at risk of disease or infestation at all.
    • Stump removal shouldn’t be done by amateurs either. Professionals possess the equipment and skills for removing a stump entirely without causing any damage to the surroundings.
    • Tree sculpting or directional shaping can be carried out for practical or aesthetic purposes. Only professional tree surgeons are capable of carrying out directional shaping properly without risking the tree’s life or health.
    • Overhanging branches are a danger and a nuisance. You need professionals to remove them or else your property could get damaged.
    • Submission of arborist reports to local councils for development approvals
    • Tree maintenance
    • Tree felling

    How to Select a Professional Tree Surgeon

    Paradise tree surgeons and landscaping Blackheath arborists learn to carry out tree surgeries apart from many other things. A certified and trained arborist is capable of doing more than just cutting off the branches of large trees. They are aware of everything that goes on in them, from their biology to the impact they have on the local ecology. In order to ensure that you aren’t selecting an unskilled amateur with a chainsaw, ensure that they possess all the experience and training they need for getting the job done right. Qualified tree surgeons can:

    • Provide you with multiple references given by previous satisfied clients
    • Explain their plan to you in simple terms
    • Provide a detailed written price quotation to you.
    • Have a certification that recognizes their skills in tree surgery
    • Utilize safety equipment properly and take every necessary safety precaution before they start the job.

    In order to ensure that you have a true Greenwich tree care professional working for you, go and meet two or three tree surgeons and get their price quotations. However, don’t go by price alone. You should also consider the qualifications the arborist possesses before making a decision. While hiring a qualified tree surgeon can be slightly more expensive, tree surgery is something that can help you reap rich rewards throughout your future. Make sure that you hire nothing but the best to help you out with your tree surgery needs.

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