• You can imagine the various kinds of trees we get to work with as tree surgeons in Blackheath, but theres basically two types of trees we see here in SE3 and thats what we make reference to here.

    In order to care better for the trees planted in your backyard or select new trees for a landscape gardening project, you need to start by understanding how many types of trees are there in the world. Some allow sunlight in winter months and provide shade during the summer. Others have outstanding fall colors whereas others provide shelter and food to birds in the sky. Looking to learn more about Blackheath tree surgeons? Here are some pointers that can be useful to you for finding the kind of tree that is ideal for your requirements along with their list of merits.

    Trees are primarily classified under 2 categories: Coniferous and deciduous.

    Deciduous Trees

    • These trees have differently-shaped leaves that vary between species. For instance, oval, heart, and star shapes.
    • They are also known as hardwoods due to the tendency of these trees to shed leaves during the autumn months
    • Examples include: Willow (Salix spp), maple (Acer spp.), elm (Ulmus spp.), and oak (Quercus spp.)

    Coniferous Trees

    • These trees are also called evergreens since they do not shed their greens throughout the entire year
    • They also have needle-shaped leaves, which can be useful in identifying them.
    • Examples include: Cedar (Juniperus spp.), spruce (Picea spp.), fir (Abies spp), and pine (Pinus spp.)

    While planning landscape design, it is important that you consider how your garden looks like throughout the entire year. Since trees have a huge role to play in determining the aesthetics of your backyard, you can go for a plan that includes both coniferous and deciduous trees. Apart from aesthetics, you can also plant strategically placed massive trees for lowering your cooling and heating costs. You can consult Blackheath tree care experts to learn more about the best strategy for your place.

    Advantages of planting deciduous trees:

    • Deciduous trees are known for their ability to shade your home during the summer months and allow sunlight to pass through their branches for warming up your house during winter months as they drop their leaves.
    • Deciduous trees like maples can enhance the beauty of your garden during the autumn since their leaves transform from green to golden brown.
    • Deciduous trees like crape myrtle and birches have an exfoliating bark, which can serve as a beautiful place to recline during the winters.
    • Nut and fruit trees can provide your family with ample shade and bountiful harvests that can help your family on multiple occasions.

    Advantages of planting coniferous trees

    • Birds often seek shelter in evergreen trees, especially during the winter season.
    • Not only do evergreen trees provide shade for your home during the summer months, but they also block freezing winter breezes and protect you from the cold.
    • A coniferous tree can provide you with ample privacy to block out all unwanted views due to their large structure. By spacing small trees properly according to their species, you can achieve a beautiful greenery scene effect when they mature.

    Tree Tips:

    • Always consider a tree’s mature height before planting it, regardless of its type. This way, you can ensure that no power lines get damaged as the tree grows bigger.
    • You should plant the trees away from the driveway, sidewalk, and patio so that the root systems don’t affect the hardscapes.
    • You should practice ideal tree pruning methods for ensuring your trees remain in prime condition.

    To learn more, you can always approach your nearest Blackheath tree surgeon specialists to discover the best approach for your garden.

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