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    As a professional gardener in Blackheath & Greenwich, I have a variety of criteria in comparison to most for what makes a decent tool. My tools need to hold as long as 40-hour work filled weeks in my customers gardens. Likewise, they should be ergonomically-structured with the goal that I can hold up as well! 

    While a lot of people tout tools with beautiful designs or a variety of kicky colors, I care more about capacity than looks. Is it lightweight and simple to use with the aim that I don’t get worn out while using it? Would it be able to play out different tasks, so I don’t have to run to and fro for every single job I do? Also, above all, will it keep going for quite a long time of full-time gardening, or will it fall apart after using it for a few months? 

    Regardless of whether it is a home garden or a community garden, you can’t do without appropriate garden tools. Garden tools are fundamental for completing numerous tasks in the garden quickly, jobs, for example, cutting grass, trim trees and bushes, plant flowers, removing trees, burrow the dirt, water plants, and so forth. 

    There are certain tools essential to have a solid and all around cared for garden. Although there are numerous tools accessible in gardening stores, we will consider the basic garden tools that each garden needs.


    The primary basic item on your list ought to be a trowel that is well designed. Regardless of whether it is a container garden or a large bed, a trowel is important to get your seedlings and plants into the soil quickly.


    A hoe with a long handle enables a gardener to deal with challenging tasks effectively. It is used to keep out weeds from your garden. This is done by using the tool to get rid of weeds when they begin to grow. 

    Careful utilization of the hoe will help in removing weeds without harming the underlying foundations of your plants. How heads come in numerous shapes and sizes, and you can make your decision.

    Hand fork or cultivator

    Hand forks are perfect for loosening the soil and tidying up the beds. It assists with cultivating the soil, works alteration into your soil, and chop up any clumps. 

    These are important in beds that are closely planted. It cuts the compacted hard soil easily and is additionally helpful for circulating air through, cleaning the moss, and thatching. 

    Flower beds and vegetable plots can be expertly arranged by using a hand fork or cultivator.

    Hand pruners or pruning shears

    It is wise to put resources into a couple of good quality pruning shears or secateurs, as they are likewise known. These come in different kinds and sizes depending on the type of task. They help prune branches of smaller sizes. 

    This helps cut bushes and shrubs. Regular trimming will make your shrubs bush and in the ideal shape and size. They are valuable for rose plants that require proper pruning. 

    Also, fruit and other trees in your garden will need pruning.

    Watering can and nozzles

    This is one essential for watering your seeding and sprouting seeds gently over a large field without harming them or washing them away mistakenly. When choosing a watering can select one with an extended nozzle.

    A spading fork

    A spading fork or gardening fork is an amazing and vital gardening tool essential if you’re looking to aerate or transplant. You can as well make use of it in splitting ornamental grasses. It’s impossible to divide and dig perennials with the use of a heavy-duty spading fork. It can also be used as a mulch


    Shovels and spades

    Spades and shovels come in a variety of sizes. The hands also come on different shapes – either shaped like “T” or like “D.” These are vital instruments for planting shrubs, trees, and moving or breaking the soil, etc.

    Spades are an ideal tool for turning the soil while the shovels help in picking up the soil you dug out and getting rid of items from the garden. Their blade ought to be sharp to effectively and efficiently carry out their jobs.

    Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart

    Again wheelbarrows additionally come in various sizes and shapes, and you have a wide assortment to choose from. You can’t manage without one, particularly if your garden is of fair size. With it, you can carry nearly everything without exception. 

    Regardless of whether it is for pulling soil, moving soil and concrete, or for moving regular gardening things like manure, plants, mulch, tools, or hoses, you will find the wheelbarrow amazingly convenient. 

    Without a wheelbarrow, you will have trips to and fro around the garden, which is truly debilitating.

    Gardening gloves

    Regardless of whether you like the feel of soil, it is not prudent to work in the garden without proper gloves. Gardening gloves additionally come in a lot of types and materials. 

    The type you pick will rely upon the kind of work included. Leather skin gloves are acceptable; however, you can’t use them when taking care of water or liquid chemicals. 

    Therefore you may require more than one type of glove. Make sure that the pair fits you snugly, or you may need to deal with blisters. Also, ensure they are prick proof when you are dealing with flower bushes or other prickly plants. 

    The simple truth is that you should pick wisely.

    Garden hose

    You can’t do gardening without water. You will require a decent quality garden hose if you would prefer not to get exhausted, moving a ton of water. It is the simplest method to move loads of water rapidly and efficiently. 

    The best hoses for this object are those having 3 or 4 ply thickness and accompany metal fittings. The coiled type of hoses needs less storage space. They may be a bit more expensive, but they are easier to store and transport. All this equipment is used daily by Paradise tree surgeons and Arborists in Blackheath.

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