• How To Cut A Tree Branch Correctly 

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    How To Cut A Tree Branh Correctly

    Tree surgeons advise that cutting off large branches requires three cuts to the wood.

    The first cut should be a notch cut situated around 80 cm from the trunk which should go about quarter of the way through the branch.

    The second cut or the relief cut should be carried out outside the notch, away from the trunk and go right through the branch so that the excess weight is removed.

    The third cut should be made just after where the branch collar forms. This is the bump in the tree branch where the bark changes to smooth branch bark. You should aim to try to cut at a right angle to the tree and if you can’t saw through the tree in a downwards direction, it may be easier to start at the base and saw up.

    The branch collar is very important when it comes to the tree’s recovery after pruning.  Cutting the tree just after the point of the branch collar will help encourage the growth of scar tissue. By contrast cutting into the branch collar will leave open wounds from which the tree may not be able to recover.

    It is also important to not leave the branch too long. If there is too much tree branch left in place from the branch collar, it may prevent the healing process from taking place.

    Although it may seem like a hassle to saw three cuts and to consider the branch collar, it will make pruning your tree branches much more effective.

    If you fail to make a relief cut to remove excess weight, you do run the risk of the tree branch splitting which provides an area susceptible to wound infection and insect infestation.

    If you have any doubts about cutting branches or pruning trees correctly, the best course of action is to call in the services of a tree surgeon.

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