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    Fencing is crucial, whether it is for a small garden, or a large plot of land. It provides multiple benefits and sense of security and well-being, on top of improving the overall look of your property.

    There are on average two types of fencing:

    Perimeter Fencing

    This prevents unwanted trespassing, human or animal, and theft. It creates a safe haven for children or pets, or livestock

    Decorative Fencing

    This type of fencing focuses more on aesthetics rather than safety. Well-chosen fencing panels and posts will frame and enhance the appearance of any property.

    At Paradise Tree Care in Blackheath we provide both services, securing your guaranteed satisfaction, whatever fencing need you may require.

    There are several steps to creating a fence around your property, and for each one we have an efficient and safe procedure.

    There are many things to consider, such as how far apart the fence posts should be built, how far they should be put into the ground, what type of concrete should be used for the fence posts depending on the type of ground on your property… and this is just for the fence posts, so these are the small details that we can take care of and you do not have to worry about.

    We first have to assess exactly what you want and need and where you want it. We then provide a quote for the materials and labour. Our purpose is to make our customers satisfied and pleased with the duty we provide.

    Contact us to request a quote for your fencing needs. quote@treesurgeonsblackheath.co.uk




    At Paradise Tree Care, Blackheath Tree Surgeons are focused on customer care and satisfaction being priority. Happy customer, happy us!


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