• Do you know why we suggest you shouldn’t perform any tree surgery by your lonesome? Tree surgery happens to be an extremely risky profession. You need specialist training in order to protect yourself against serious injuries. Additionally, most people lack the right equipment or knowledge required for protecting the tree and getting the job done simultaneously. Different specialized equipment is required for tasks such as pruning, climbing & handling heavy materials.

    In order to complete these tasks successfully, tree surgeons are required to be highly proficient in utilizing specialist equipment like shredders, wood chippers, chainsaws, etc. Other tools also include mobile elevated work platforms, lowering devices, harnesses, ropes, hedge cutters, pruning shears or secateurs, and trimmers. A good tree surgeon maintains their equipment carefully and is capable of carrying out minor repairs for the purposes of routine maintenance.

    In this article, let’s take a look at the equipment used by Paradise Tree Surgeons and Landscaping based in Blackheath SE3


    This ensures the safety of the tree surgeon as he works. Even the branches of dead trees have a considerable weight, which is why one must always wear a helmet and remain constantly careful. Tree surgeons use sturdy, good helmets that can protect their heads from all forms of major impact.


    Chainsaw Boots

    They are utilized for protecting tree surgeons from sideways and front cuts. They look just like regular steel-toe boots and contain additional chainsaw-protective fabric layers on their front surfaces.

    Apart from being incredibly comfy, chainsaw boots must also be waterproof & resistant to chemicals, gasoline, and oil stains. These books are available in 2 variants: rubber wellington or lace-up leather boots.


    Harnesses have a rigid and wide waist belt, which provides ample comfort and support simultaneously. They have loops and rings for holding equipment and are easy to use.


    Hand Saws

    A pruning saw might not always be able to reach difficult places near the limbs of the trees. A telescoping pole saw can be used for cutting inaccessible, high limbs. A pole saw is available with a number of accessories like pruner guards, picks, pole feet, and pruner ropes.


    Tree surgeons utilize steady tripod ladders for accessing mid-level tree branches as they move up the trees. Good ladders come with adjustable legs and are made of fiberglass and aluminum.


    They include a number of items, which have to be replaced and replenished as time goes by. Things like sharpening tools, reels, chain loops, and lubricants are all consumables. Fuel cans, guide bars, spare parts, and other chainsaw accessories are consumables as well.

    First Aid Kit

    Responsible tree surgeons tend to be covered by liability insurance. But due to the dangerous nature of the job, it is also important to stock up on first aid kits. Such kits should contain sterile wipes, plasters, face shields, bandages, and gloves.


    Chainsaws are a mechanical and portable saw that has sharp teeth attached to the rotating chain that runs along the guide bar. Chainsaws run either on electricity or gas and are widely preferred by tree surgeons for the purposes of tree removal.

    Chainsaws have 2 primary parts: A saw blade & a powerful electric motor/one-cylinder gas engine, based on its power sources. A gas-powered chainsaw is mostly used for cutting trees whereas electric-powered chainsaws are used for pruning shrubbery and trees.


    Tree surgeons use different kinds of aces for varying purposes. Felling aces have a thin and sharp blade along with a broad and tapered head that allows tree surgeons the ability to cut the tree’s trunk as deep as possible with every stroke. Splitting axes have heavier ax heads and longer handles: While one side is rounded and heavy like a powerful sledgehammer, the other is sharp and works just like a normal ax. These axes can be used for splitting wood and tree stumps.


    A lopper refers to a really large pair of scissors that also has long handles. They are mostly utilized for pruning branches and twigs. Some of them have extendable handles that can reach higher branches. They require both hands if you’d like to operate them like shears.

    Hydraulic Tools

    A hydraulic pruning toolset can make everything easier. They are utilized only for minor chipping and pruning purposes. Not every person can handle hydraulic tools though – you need to be a qualified arborist if you want to use these babies effectively.

    Heavy Earthmoving equipment

    They can be used for carrying and displacing heavy branches and logs once the tree surgery has been completed. Heavy Earthmoving equipment can include haulers, diggers, loaders, and cranes. These vehicles have an important role to play during the final cleaning and clearing tasks.

    Stump Grinders

    Once the trees have been removed, it is important to completely uproot the tree stump, which will make it seem like no tree has ever existed in that place. Tree stump grinders can accomplish this task effectively. They may be as huge as a general truck or as small as a typical lawnmower. It has a revolving disc that has teeth that turn at high speeds. They can be used for grinding tree stumps until they are completely removed.


    Tree surgeons use cranes when there’s not enough space to start dismantling a tree using standard rigging techniques. They are utilized if there’s a lot of timber to be gained or if the ground has to be left untouched by the project.

    Wood Chippers

    Wood chippers or tree chippers are machines that are utilized for reducing tree trunks or limbs into smaller-sized wood chips. They are also highly portable & can be towed using trucks or vans, provided you mount them on suitable frames.

    Rigging Equipment

    Apart from the harness, tree surgeons also require rigging equipment for climbing up trees. They can be utilized for transporting heavy equipment and other tools and tree limbs. Some rigging tools include:

    •           Rigging thimbles

    •           Swivels

    •           Cable hoists

    •           Power pullers

    •           Winches

    •           Carabiners

    •           Rigging plates

    •           Friction brakes

    •           Heavy and light duty slings

    •           Pulleys and blocks

    All this equipment is used daily by Paradise tree surgeons and Arborists in Blackheath.

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