• Blackheath is an area filled to the brim with history about both London and Britain. Located near both the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the London Borough of Lewisham, Blackheath is surrounded by world-attractions that welcome millions of visitors every year. Neighbour to Lee Park and Vanbrugh Park, there is always plenty to do as well as the actual heath, there are many places to walk your dog if you live locally.

    As is the custom, you can park your car near the heath in Blackheath and then walk to Greenwich Park, go past the Greenwich Observatory and then make your way down to Greenwich Market where there is plenty to do, eat and shop.

    The name “Blackheath” originated not with the Black Plague but actually simply because its greenery and soil was unusually dark and barren. Blackheath has strong links with Celtic and Roman history, its roads dating back thousands of years.

    Many royals and monarchs either lived or past through Blackheath. Many kept stately homes and residences in Blackheath and Greenwich that they would occasionally visit throughout the year. First came Eltham Palace that was “most frequently used” and then after that came the Stuart-built Queen’s House and Tudor-built Greenwich Palace.

    Blackheath Park and Village contains thousands of opulent and 1930s houses expensively priced coming with beautiful gardens to match the style of Blackheath. Paradise tree surgeons and landscaping Leaving Blackheath Village walk along the B212 and this will take you to Montpelier Row, houses on the right and the heath on the left,then about 2 minutes walk or 1/3 of a mile you will see The Clarendon Hotel Blackheath Montpelier Row, Blackheath, London SE3 0RW on the left.

    Also see The Clarendon Hotel

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