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    The Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) has 23 conservation areas within it and is home to the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.

    The three conservation areas of East Greenwich, West Greenwich and Blackheath form the site’s buffer zone. Both this and the site are also protected by conservation area designation.  

    Blackheath spans two separate conservation areas; Blackheath Park (comprised mainly of the Cator Estate), and; Blackheath (roughly starting at The Paragon and going North to Westcombe Park Road, bounded by the A2).  For a full list of the conservation areas within RBG, including links to downloadable maps for each of the areas, click here: https://www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/info/200194/conservation_areas_and_listed_buildings/28/protecting_the_character_of_local_areas/2

    Conservation areas are designated by local planning authorities in order to protect an area’s special character and appearance.  They are subject to a number of additional planning controls.

    With regards to trees, all work to, or felling of, trees more than 75mm in diameter requires six weeks’ notice in writing to the Royal Borough.  An application form must be filled out by the owner of the property within which the tree falls or by an agent acting on their behalf, such as an arboriculturist.  Details of the process can be found here: https://www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/info/200193/planning_applications_and_permissions/8/works_to_trees


    Furthermore, it is the stated policy of the Board of the Blackheath Cator Estate Residents Association (https://www.blackheathcatorestate.co.uk) to object to the felling of mature and semi-mature trees, as they contribute significantly to the overall tree cover within the conservation area.  

    The Blackheath Society, one of the country’s oldest amenity societies, founded in 1937 to preserve and enhance Blackheath and its vicinity, fully agrees with this policy.


    A tree’s impact on our surroundings is as overwhelming as that of landforms or weather and is likely to be taken for granted in the same way.  Only when we look at old photos, confront the effects of a freak storm (such as in 1986) or reflect on a questionable decision to fell a tree because it was ’too close’ to a wall or ‘blocking the light into the garden’, do we realise with a jolt how much of a difference the growth, the loss and the variety of trees can make.  There are so many different reasons why trees are so important in the environment. Benefits such as:


    • Carbon sequestration
    • Oxygen production
    • Essential wildlife habitat
    • Creation of shade, shelter and protection
    • Recycling and adding organic matter to the soil
    • Processing atmospheric pollution, including dust and small particulate matter
    • Noise attenuation and wind filtering
    • Binding the soil, reducing water run-off and localised flooding due to overloaded drainage systems
    • Screening undesirable views and buildings
    • Pleasing to the senses, in terms of shape, form, smell, touch and taste in some cases



    Our services:


    Fully qualified arboriculturist.  Fully insured – public liability & professional indemnity


    • Selecting & buying trees (advice / recommendations on site & size specific specimens) through great nursery connections
    • Planting
    • Pruning and training through a tree’s early years
    • Visual Tree Assessments (VTA) and Tree Surveys for advice on potential problems, hazards, best practice for works to be done and when to do it
    • Topping, crown reductions, crown thinning, dead wooding etc
    • Felling
    • Dismantling dangerous trees
    • Working with limited access
    • Root removal / stump grinding



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