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    We can provide a variety of services that you maybe looking for, some of these could be arboricultural services such as branch removal, crown reduction and reshaping, hedge removal, on site logging, pruning large trees, shrub pruning, stump grinding, thinning out trees, tree felling, tree pruning, tree removal, tree Renovation Works, tree stump removal.

    Branch removal

    You are responsible for the trees in your garden, sometimes a branch may lean heavily across your perimeter fence and irritate your neighbour. The branch maybe dead or diseased and threaten the health of the tree, maybe a fungus has developed. The branch may hold to much weight and with a strong wind it may snap, is it a danger to passers-by, neighbours or you and your family? Best to remove it.

    Crown reduction and reshaping

    This a fairly common practice, reducing the height and the spread of the tree. Again, a strong wind may bring the tree down if it has to much height, if you find the tree has to be to crowned to often, it may be wise to remove the tree and replace it with a more manageable tree. For cosmetic reasons it’s good to keep the tree in shape, most arborists will never remove more than 30% of the leafage.

    Hedge management or removal

    New hedges will require cutting back in there formative years which will be carried out once a year in between spring and summer. There after a hedge will need regular trimming to keep its shape and look nice, with modern equipment this job is less strenuous. Remember also new antisocial legislation dictates we keep our hedges trimmed to avoid a falling out with our neighbours. If you find your hedges are becoming to demanding we provide a hedge removal service.

    On site logging

    Here we will cut down your tree, remove all the branches, then cut up the tree into manageable size logs. If you have a log burner you will need to store the logs so they dry out ready for the winter. If that is not the case we will remove them from site.

    Pollarding large trees

    All trees should stay in there allocated space and not create to much shade or outgrow there normal height. They should always look right within there environment. If your tree grows to close to electric or telephone wires then you have a responsibility to arrange pollarding.

    How to remove a tree branch correctly

    Contact us to request a quote for your tree surgery needs. Paradise Tree Surgeons SE3. Call David 020 3137 4996 Text or Whatsapp to 07309 104005, Email admin@treesurgeonsblackheath.co.uk

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    Our Blackheath tree surgeons have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable tree care, landscaping, tree stump removal, fencing, and general gardening services to satisfied customers for multiple years.


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