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    Blackheath Tree Surgeons. Paradise Tree Care. We can provide these tree care services, overhanging branch removal, tree removal, crown reduc­tions, thin­ning, rais­ing and pruning, height reduc­tions, pol­lard­ing, storm dam­aged trees, fall­en trees removal, dan­ger­ous trees made safe. Call David 020 3137 4996 Text or Whatsapp to 07309 104005, or the chatbot below. admin@treesurgeonsblackheath.co.uk

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    All through Blackheath, your gardens and land needs care and maintenance; if they aren’t cared for properly, a number of potentially dangerous situations could arise. Please read over this informative article listing a few of the hazards and risks of uncared-for greenery.

    In order for a professional job to be done, you need to find a trusted and well-reviewed Blackheath tree surgery company. Look no further, Paradise Tree Care is here to assist all your tree removal, landscaping, tree stump, fencing, general gardening and, many more needs!

    With years of experience and training, a choice selection of top-of-the-range equipment you can rest assure that your trees and gardens will look better than they ever have before!

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    Paradise gardening services in and around Blackheath & Greenwich, provide an excellent gardening maintenance service. Services include grass cutting, weed pulling, planting, hedge trimming, tree trimming, leaf blowing. We have many years experience and live in the heart of Blackheath.   Please see more
    Paradise tree stump removal and grinding services live in the heart of Blackheath and are very experienced in removing tree stumpas of all sizes. Old tree roots can spread out and can be a real challenge to remove, so having the very best equipment gives us the edge, and we have not been defeated yet!  Please read more
    Blackheath & Greenwich boast a vast heath and Greenwich park, but many of the grand houses contain some beautiful landscaped gardens and Paradise Landscape designers and architects have had the privilege of creating and maintaining them. So we offer a first class Landscaping service in and around Blackheath & Greenwich.   Please read more.
    Blackheath & Greenwich have a large number of 4 storey Victorian converted houses on Shooters Hill Road and Morden Road. Ususally the residents employ a local grounds maintenance company such as Paradise to come by once or twice a month and keep everything looking neat and tidy.  Please read more. 
    Having a large sun drenched patio can be a blessing, imagine those warm summer evening with a glass of chilled wine watching the sunset over your little bit of Paradise. You sigh with releif that you employed Paradise to jet wash the patio or decking and it look as good as new, even the black spot and lichen has gone.  Please read more.
    Looking for a good fencing contractor in Blackheath & Greenwich? Paradise are the best choice for perimeter fencing and decorative fencing. Maybe the Autumn gales have blown one of two panels over or the posts have weakened or rotted over the years and its now time to replace them.  Please read more.


    We have a fantastic team of experienced tree surgeons in Blackheath. With years of tree care and general gardening services understanding, our Blackheath tree surgeons will get your job done efficiently and effectively.

    We offer a free email or phone consultation to answer any enquires you may have. Talk to us- either fill out the form on the website or call us any time on Call David 020 3137 4996 Text or Whatsapp to 07309 104005

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    How much do tree surgeons charge UK?

    Tree surgery prices are usually reasonable in the UK. Within a short period of time, hiring a tree surgeon can completely transform the image of your land.

    So, how much does it cost to hire a tree surgeon? It largely depends on the job- the size and difficulty. But you can usually find out the price for the work you want to be done, either by calling them up and arranging a visit or by looking at the average prices for typical jobs.

    The most common job a tree surgeon has to perform is tree felling, this usually falls into the price range of £70-£1500, depending on the size, position, and species of the tree. You may want the felled tree removed from your property along with any other tree debris. Disposal of this usually costs around £100, maybe less or more; again, depending on size.

    Many people think that hiring a tree surgeon in the UK is costly. Fortunately, it’s probably much less than expected and the results will often outweigh the expenses. Having professional work done on your garden can increase the value of your property, so you can view having tree surgery work done as an investment.

    Hiring the right tree surgery company will result in a hassle-free job and wonderful results.

    Tree surgeons often are easy to deal with and can perform a plethora of jobs on your property, in the garden services range. You can book them for one job, and if you’re pleased with the results, you can ask them to do so much more and pay them as you go.

    Tree arborists usually come fully trained and qualified and know their trade well. They are skilled at what they do and can handle even the most difficult of jobs. They also usually have the best equipment.


    What is a tree surgeon called? What does a tree surgeon do?

    Another name for a tree surgeon is an arborist. Tree surgeons can even sometimes be called arboriculturists. Arborists usually work with trees, hedges, shrubs, vines, and many other perennial plants within the dendrology and horticulture field.

    A tree surgeons’ main objective is to ensure the health of trees and plants and make sure that they are safe and will continue to thrive. They focus on preserving and maintaining trees rather than cutting them down.

    As trees can sometimes reach up to power lines and cables, it is vital that tree surgeons are properly trained to deal with such situations. Therefore, tree surgeons must have the certification of a QLCA (Qualified Line Clearance Arborist) or a UA (Utility Arborist). Dealing with high voltage cables is a risky job and must only be done by professionals.

    Most arborists climb trees and use many different methods when ascending trees. Of course, this is to be done within the health and safety measures and extensive training is required. The most common technique (and least damaging to the tree) is ascending by rope. Within these ascension techniques are different types of methods.

    When it comes to tree surgery, there are so many factors to take into consideration before cutting into a tree. Even what time of year it is can affect the amount of work that should be done on a tree or plant. What surrounds the tree can also contribute to fewer or more tasks.

    What does being a tree surgeon involve? Tree surgeons also do a plethora of other jobs such as removing hazardous, invasive, or diseased plants and weeds. Installing lighting protection measures. Interrupting and preventing grazing or predation. Planting and transplanting. Pruning and structural support. Diagnosing and preventing parasitism and phytopathology.

    Many issues between neighbours often result from overhanging trees and plants on properties. Tree surgeons can give legal testimony as well as plan, consult, and write reports. They can then decide what work should be carried out and arrange for it to happen as promptly as possible to prevent any future altercations.

    Arborists can acquire many qualifications. They can even get a master’s degree. There are many college courses and education qualifications.

    d settings.

    How do tree surgeons cut trees?

    Tree surgeons use modern equipment and techniques to deal with trees. It is not as simple as many think. It can also be a very dangerous and risky job. It is more than climbing and cutting trees. When an arborist fells a tree, it can be life-threatening if even one little thing is done wrong, or cause extensive damage at least. So, it is so important that a tree surgeon is fully trained and qualified.

    Tree surgeons usually use heavy, high-powered equipment and vehicles to perform their job efficiently and effectively. They depend on this equipment to do its job and make sure nothing goes wrong. Any issues are dealt with safely and thoroughly.

    Not only do they have to have these modern tools, but they have to know how to use them well. The usual equipment an arborist must have are listed below.

    A chainsaw: chainsaws are a must-have when you are a tree surgeon. They do a lot of work in a short amount of time. Ran by either fuel or electricity, a chainsaw must be used in the right hands for it to do a good job. Chainsaws are lightweight and portable and come in many different varieties.
    An axe: Axes can not only be used for cutting wood but also hammering in wedges into trees in order to fell them. Having an axe around is useful for any tree surgeon.
    A helmet: Helmets are vital for tree surgeons. Any kind of protective gear is at that. Helmets reduce the risk of major injury if anything does go wrong. A hard-hat helmet is a required item for an arborist.
    A harness: harnesses make for great tools when ascending trees. If an incident does occur and the tree surgeon is properly fixed to the tree with a harness, there is no risk of the tree surgeon plummeting to his death.

    Being a tree surgeon is an exciting, diverse, and challenging profession.


    For many years, we’ve been providing professional, efficient and reliable tree care and garden maintenance services in Blackheath. Below are some of our happy customers that we serviced.

    Our roof was broken after a storm after a tree fell and smashed against it! they came in just ONE hour to help! The surgeon was professional, friendly and polite and they got our trees trimmed quickly. Thank you!
    Susan M. 

    I am very happy with the service they provided! my garden has never looked better and It’s made my wife smile.

    Henry J.

    The trees in my garden were growing at such a length that it was blocking any light from coming in through the windows and I would end up constantly oversleeping! Now that they have been trimmed the sun is finally beaming through. Thanks!

    Rodger M.

    Felled two 20ft conifers in our garden and pruned a Wisteria shrub that was running wild. We were going to get three quotes from different tree surgeons but they responded to our request promptly and gave such a fair price that there was no need to look elsewhere. Very pleased with the work done and the desire of both workers to do the job properly.

    Martin G.

    Paradise Tree Care removed four trees and reduced another four from our garden. We received professional advice and they completed the job as promised. They are coming back for crown lifting. We’d definitely recommend them. Thank you for the great job!

    Helen P.

    Stephen and his team arrived promptly to undertake the job of reducing and thinning out my tree. They acted professionally at all times and carried out the work to a high degree of skill and diligence, sympathetically dealing with the shaping of the tree and fully clearing up afterwards. I would definitely recommend Paradise Tree Care  for anyone looking to have their tree attended to, they did a great job.

    John W.

    Our Blackheath tree surgeons have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable tree care, landscaping, tree stump removal, fencing, and general gardening services to satisfied customers for multiple years.


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